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0007876: land on structures after teleporting home from hypergrid

Sat, 2016-04-09 10:41
On the current 0.9 code (as of 9 April 2016) if your home point is set inside of a prim structure (eg a house) you will land on top of the structure when you teleport home from another grid. Teleporting home from another location on the same grid (even another region) works as expected. The only problem is when you teleport home from a remote site on the hypergrid.
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0007856: create user throws an error about UserAccounts table not found

Tue, 2016-04-05 15:32
in the git version im using and when i try to add a user after starting a new grid with a new db if you create a new user it throws errors about not finding table UserAccounts, i see in the db useraccounts, which means that somwhere it is creating useraccounts in the table not UserAccounts<br /> i have fixed this error by changing the UserAccounts.migrations file so it creates UserAccounts not user accounts. <br /> i dont knwo correct prosidure to wirte the migrations info so i empited the migrations table then changed the current one slighty and worked fine, you can also do a migration addition like<br /> RENAME TABLE `useraccounts` TO `UserAccounts`;<br /> also there is a missing migration in the pgsql useraccounts migration file it does not have the migration for adding active to the useracounts table
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0007868: "My Suitcase" folder missing in OSgrid. (unavailabe) objects are available

Tue, 2016-04-05 10:48
When I log into OpenSim with my Osgrid avatar, I do not have a “My Suitcase” folder. If I hypergid jump to another grid, like Kitely running OpenSim, everything in all my folders is marked (unavailable). HOWEVER, I am still allowed to rez or wear any of these unavailable objects!<br /> While there in another grid, if anyone gives me an object, it lands in my (unavailable) Objects folder, it is marked (unavailable) but it is actually available. The same thing happens if I am given objects by a script, such as a vending machine.
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0007776: FATAL ERROR: OpenSim.OpenSimBase [MODULES]: Required module PrimLimitsModule not found.

Mon, 2016-04-04 01:01
I have downloaded last osgrid distribution:<br /> <br /> OSgrid (Dev) d5e21a0: 2015-12-02<br /> <br /> My Operating system version: Unix, .NET platform Unix, 64-bit<br /> <br /> After starting instance, screen has been terminated with message:<br /> <br /> FATAL - OpenSim.OpenSimBase [MODULES]: Required module PrimLimitsModule not found.
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0007871: [SCRIPT] osForceCreateLink delay improvement

Sun, 2016-04-03 21:51
I read on SL Wiki that llCreateLink causes the script to sleep for 1.0 seconds.<br /> I tried to use osForceCreateLink and i find that is also causes the script to sleep for 1.0 seconds.<br /> <br /> That correct because OpenSim wiki say "Idential to llCreateLink() except that it doesn't require the link permission to be granted. Present in 0.8 and later."<br /> <br /> Do you think it is possible to improve this ?<br /> (Apparently it would be easy to fix).
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0007870: Can't buy currency or buy land from other people!

Sat, 2016-04-02 20:53
DNS could not resolve hostname.
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0007763: OpenSim crashes on shutdown (Windows)

Fri, 2016-04-01 17:03
Running OpenSim (master) on Windows, whenever I attempt to shutdown OpenSim, once it reaches the "[SHUTDOWN]: Shutdown processing on main thread complete." point, it freezes for a few seconds, turns white, and eventually I get an error from Windows saying "OpenSim has stopped working" then it gives me the options to check for a solution online or close the program.
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0007754: Duplicate chat output from agents and objects

Fri, 2016-04-01 17:02
As of master there are duplicate chat output from agents and objects.<br /> <br /> This seems to be directly related to the number of regions that are running on the simulator. (i.e. 1 region results in 1 line of chat (as perceived normal), 2 regions result in 2 duplicates of the chat, 3 regions result in 3 duplicates of the chat, etc.)<br /> <br /> This affects agents as well as objects that output chat. (My tested object used llSay().)
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0007865: PGSQL Eliminate a casting error when purging old group notices

Wed, 2016-03-30 14:13
Eliminated a casting error from int to timestamp in the PGSQl query for cleaning up older than 14 day group notices. (PGSQLGroupsData.cs)<br /> <br /> Also uppercased SQL Keywords in queries for better readability. Did the same for PGSQLOfflienIMData,cs
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0007867: FEATURE REQUEST: Add provisioning for making a Group Note STICKY.

Tue, 2016-03-29 12:41
Add provisioning for making a Group Note STICKY, by<br /> <br /> • Adding a flag field for to the os_group_notices database table<br /> • Add code to set unset the flag for a note record when created / edited<br /> • Add code to restrict the ability to mark a note Sticky to a) the group owner, or b) to an arbitrary group role as part of the normal procedure of defining group roles<br /> • Add code to communicate the flag status to the viewer, and for the viewer to set /unset to flag for the role(s) above<br /> • Sort the group notes on presentation with the sticky notes to the top (perhaps best done in the viewer)
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0007866: Updating to dev branch produces "Couldn't select region" errors when trying to change regions in console.

Mon, 2016-03-28 22:23
After installing opensim-0.9.0-282-g2cfe848 I get the error "Couldn't select region REGION NAME" when I issue the the command "change region". This issue also trickles down to all my other opensim servers running the stable branch, so I believe it it related to a change made in the MySQL database. Restoring the DB or installing to a new DB results in correct behaviour for all stable servers until the dev branch is installed again.
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0007855: fsassets service not working in the dev code

Sun, 2016-03-27 20:23
FSAssets service throws up errors when starting (Robust.log in additional infomation), but if you run assets in normal mode works correctly, have followed the wiki exactly and still errors, have spoken to plugh about it and he says it is a problem. <br /> my current setup is split services and the assets or on a seperate server.
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0007860: llEdgeOfWorld does not work in var regions

Thu, 2016-03-24 22:52
I am running under the ubODE physics engine.<br /> No matter where I am in a var region, no matter what direction I point in, no matter if there are neighboring regions, llEdgeOfWorld always returns TRUE. I did this test in two adjacent var regions. The two vars are running on the same instance of OpenSim. llEdgeOfWorld should have returned 0 for one of the cardinal directions but does not. The last result is for the direction the prim is facing (+X) and that never returns 0 either, even when pointing across a border into a visible var.
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0007859: Command: save prims xml2 does not save required file

Thu, 2016-03-24 02:31
I have found following problem with console command: save prims xml2:<br /> <br /> Syntax of the command:<br /> save prims xml2 [<prim name> <file name>] - Save named prim to XML2<br /> <br /> When I use this command, it does not save required linkset to specified file.
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0007838: osGetSimulatorMemory does not work over 2gb

Tue, 2016-03-22 20:08
I have simulator instances using > 2gb of memory. When I use this command it caps the result at 2gb (2147483647 bytes to be precise).<br /> <br /> I believe this is because the returned value from the function is integer and this is the maximum a signed integer can hold.<br /> <br /> I think the least disruptive way to fix this would be to still return an integer result but allow the function to receive an optional parameter to request scaling of the result (rounded).<br /> <br /> So old scripts would remain unchanged and work as before and for larger simulators we could code as follows;<br /> <br /> integer scale=1024;<br /> integer TotMemUsed = osGetSimulatorMemory(scale);<br /> <br /> This would return an answer in KBytes (to the nearest KByte). When usage memory is this high we don't need byte accuracy imho.
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0007851: The ubODE version of llCastRay is measurably slower when pointing down

Sun, 2016-03-20 02:14
The ubODE version of llCastRay works very well (thank you!) and runs reasonably fast at some angles. When pointing up it typically takes less than 50ms and often quite a bit less. But even in a mostly empty SIM llCastRay takes twice as long when you are pointing down! Combine that with Mantis <a href="">0007850</a> and you sometimes see llCastRay taking 1300ms to return!
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0007850: The ubODE version of llCastRay is very slow on var regions

Sun, 2016-03-20 02:05
When you are using ubODE, it has its own version of llCastRay, which works very well (thank you!) on a regular sized (256x256) region, typically taking less than 50ms to run, and often quite less.<br /> HOWEVER, when you call it from a var region, it takes a LOT LONGER, typically taking around 100ms and sometimes over 1000ms!!<br /> This may be related to Mantis <a href="">0007815</a>
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0007847: Opensim.exe not starting / blocked at startup

Thu, 2016-03-17 13:56
Opensim.exe is not running on windows 10 pro 64bit.<br /> WHen i start opensim.exe from the console the only thing that happens is a flashing cursor. opensim is not doing any other actions.<br /> <br /> Opensim is compiled on the same system with visual studio express 2015 and also tried it with the batch files included in opensim.<br /> <br /> Copied the whole binary directory to windows 8.1 system and there it's working. so the files are correct compiled.
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0007844: [PROPOSAL] Access-Control-Allow-Origin for HTTP LSL server

Wed, 2016-03-16 21:56
This patch adds a 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' to llHTTPResponse headers.<br /> <br /> This header is part of CORS <<a href=">">></a> [<a href=">" target="_blank">^</a>] and allows a web browser to query a LSL HTTP server using JavaScript or jQuery. Since the web page obviously cannot be hosted on the same domain as the simulator (a web server cannot sit on the same port), the same-origin rule will *never* be satisfied in a web client-opensim system. A PHP proxy is a possible work-around, but it adds an extra layer of protocol.<br /> <br /> Note that this header do NOT lower opensim security in any way since it is just a flag saying the web browser "you are allowed to use this answer". Rogue requests or DOSes are possible as soon as a simulator URL is made public, and there is nothing this header adds to the threat. This same header is already in use in the statistics module (StatsManager.cs) and has not been identified as a threat.
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0007842: One instance configured same as all my others crashes shortly after it finishes loading.

Wed, 2016-03-16 11:08
One instance configured same as all my others crashes shorty after it finishes loading. See error from log below. Also full log will be attached shorty. This is now happening on a consistent basis, maybe caused by some object or script in one of the Sims, but no clue is in the log files or on the console when it happens.<br /> <br /> bulletin is in use along with the normal xengine, so basically a default configuration. This has been happening for at least a couple weeks, but its an instance I rarely use or visit, so have not been in a hurry to report it until I saw it consistently happening.
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