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0007822: Parcel group script permssions behaviour different under ubOde vs Bullet

Sun, 2016-01-24 16:13
In RG we have set up 2 sandboxes for testing 0.9 where everything is identical except one runs Bullet and the other runs ubOde -- both with OpenSim Dev 66be755 2016-01-20<br /> <br /> Both are single parcel-regions set to public access but in both cases permission for building, object entry and scripts is limited to group members.<br /> <br /> I am a group member.<br /> <br /> In the Bullet region, I can rez an object, place a script in it, and run the script without having to ensure that the object is set to the group.<br /> <br /> In the ubOde region, doing the same thing will have the script refuse to run until I set the object to the parcel's group.<br /> <br /> They should behave identically.
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0007816: Patch of DynamicTexture

Sun, 2016-01-24 13:18
DynamicTexture function does not work in OpenSim<br /> <br /> This is a patch of DynamicTexture
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0007821: Opensim Bug with Firestorm Viewer

Sun, 2016-01-24 00:20
There is an issue with the My Suitcase with the current release of Opensim where it doesn't show up in the inventories of users using Firestorm Viewer. I've also tested this in the development code for Opensim as well on our Twilight Beta Grid. And the issue is still the same. So I was wondering since the issue resides in Opensim itself if I didn't correctly set up something in a configuration file for the grid that's not agreeing with Firestorm or it's just in the code itself.
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0007818: OpenSim http server broken on 0.9.x

Sat, 2016-01-23 19:24
I had done long ago, a small remote control using the http server of opensim and llRequestURL, http_request, llLoadURL, etc ...<br /> <br /> Its role is very basic, it simply moves a prim on the region (it is a small "demo").<br /> With OpenSim v0.8.x everything works perfectly forever<br /> With OpenSim v0.9.x it no longer works. The prim about the region does not move<br /> If i use it directly with Explorer or if i use it "Inword" on a MOAP, the result is the same, with OpenSim v0.9.x this no longer works.
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0006493: OpenSim does not process TransactionInfo block of MoneyBalanceReply packet correctly.

Thu, 2016-01-21 02:25
As SourceID and DestID of TransactionInfo block are NULL, notification dialog is not displayed at Viewer 3.<br /> <br /> This may be a bug of libopenmetaverse.
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0007768: llCollisionSound function does not work in current release V0.9.0

Wed, 2016-01-20 23:39
string sound = "87683e86-d2a5-49ac-b1e9-9b600695f3bd"; //uuid or name of item in inventory<br /> <br /> default<br /> {<br /> state_entry()<br /> {<br /> llCollisionSound(sound, 1.0);<br /> }<br /> }
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0007815: llCastRay V1 runs VERY SLOW on var regions

Tue, 2016-01-19 19:45
lLCastRay V1 runs reasonably fast in a 1x1 region, but when you call it from a var region it runs TERRIBLY SLOWLY. There seems to be some correlation with size and number of prims in the var, but it is not clear. Here are some speed test results:<br /> 1x1 region: 5ms<br /> 2x2 regions: 720ms, 322ms, 251ms (results from 3 different 2x2 regions)<br /> 3x3 region: 430ms<br /> 4x4 region: 924ms (not very many prims in this region)
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0007779: llPushObject not working

Mon, 2016-01-18 23:27
This script written by another scripter does not work on any of my regions nor on any of the sandboxes. It does work just fine on the region where her store is located.<br /> <br /> I do not know if this is a bug, or some obscure setting that I can not find to set.<br /> <br /> // Moving Sidewalk Escalator <br /> // Pushes avatar when stepped on or detected within area of prim.<br /> //<br /> // v0.1 vegaslon plutonian (2013) working concept.<br /> // v0.2 Lani Global (2013) added sim restart reset. <br /> // v0.3 Lani Global (2013) added description setting of push force. <br /> // v0.4 Lani Global (2013) changed to collide only instead of volume detect.<br /> <br /> default<br /> <br /> {<br /> state_entry()<br /> {<br /> float OBJECTDESC = 10; // set the default push to 10.<br /> llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | LOOP , ALL_SIDES, 1, 1, 1, 1, -0.07); // animate sliding texture.<br /> }<br /> collision(integer num_detected)<br /> {<br /> float OBJECTDESC = llGetObjectDesc(); // gets description of prim and use it as push force in z axis.<br /> llPushObject(llDetectedKey(0),<OBJECTDESC,0,-12>, <0,0,0>, TRUE); // push on the avatar a little.<br /> }<br /> changed(integer EVENT) <br /> { <br /> if (EVENT & CHANGED_REGION_START) // detect if region has been restarted.<br /> { <br /> llResetScript(); // reset the script<br /> }<br /> }<br /> } <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> This object is like the moving walkways you see in an airport.<br /> The working version can be seen at: Lani Mall on osgrid.
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0007760: Mesh physics affected ( cannot walk inside of a mesh train ) resulted when switching from Bullet to ubOde,

Mon, 2016-01-18 04:58
Mesh train. Unable to walk onto train that was initially uploaded with Bullet, when changing over to ubODE.<br /> <br /> Enabled the Following ...<br /> <br /> meshing = ubODEMeshmerizer<br /> physics = ubODE<br /> <br /> Commenting out above lines, forcing it to switch back to the default Bullet fixes problem.<br /> <br /> Not sure if this something that is known already.
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0007814: Setting a prim's color via script is sometimes slightly off

Sat, 2016-01-16 17:34
When setting a prim's color via llSetColor or llSetPrimitiveParams (or its *Link* variants) the resulting color is sometimes very slightly off compared to the vector input of the function and as well as on SL.
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0007806: Filesystem asset store not implemented in PostgreSQL

Fri, 2016-01-15 02:02
The filesystem asset store is not implemented in PostgreSQL. This would be much more scalable than storing all the assets as blobs in the database. I have attached a patch with an initial FSAssets impelementation, based directly from the MySQL implementation.
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0007812: llCastRay V3 incorrectly gets a hit when start location is inside a sphere

Fri, 2016-01-15 00:48
llCastRay normally does not get a hit on a prim when you start the cast inside the prim. This is convenient for many applications when you cast from the center of an object in any direction. In that case, you do not get a hit from the scripted object that does this.<br /> <br /> Unfortunately, when you call llCastRay V3 with the start location anywhere inside a sphere, llCastRay DOES detect the prim the ray started from.<br /> <br /> llCastRay V1 did not have this behavior.<br /> <br /> llCastRay V3 also can get a hit when the start location is at the center of a prim that is a torus, a tube or a ring, but in these cases the hit makes sense.<br /> <br /> llCastRay V3 correctly does not get a hit when the start location is inside a box, a cylinder, a sculptie or a mesh.<br /> <br /> WORKAROUND: Replace your cannonballs with sculpted or mesh spheres. I'm particularly fond of mesh icospheres which look very nice with only 320 triangles (6 times fewer than a sculpt) and don't have a cowlick anywhere.
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0007811: Filesystem asset store not loading from filesystem at all.

Fri, 2016-01-15 00:38
UPDATE: I have confirmed it was my own changes, due to a silly mistake which sent a lot of whitespace in the hash that I wasn't seeing. This is, obviously, not an issue then.<br /> <br /> When using the FSAssetServer, it appears that your items are actually stored properly, but they are never grabbed from the filesystem at all. This seems to be masked quite often by the asset cache.<br /> <br /> My tests were run with very experimental PGSQLFSAssetStore. If anyone can show that this is not the case with the MySQL filesystem asset store, that would be very helpful. However, PGSQL is just there to store SHA hashes, and the SHA hashes are being returned successfully. It's only the retrieval from the fsassets/data that seems to be failing.
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0007810: llCastRay V3 detects phantom objects when asked not to.

Thu, 2016-01-14 22:41
The V3 version of llCastRay gets hits on phantom objects even when you request RC_DETECT_PHANTOM,FALSE
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0007809: show regions console command on Robust.exe no longer works

Wed, 2016-01-13 19:40
I am using the latest dev master and the usual "show regions" console command in the Robust.exe console gives the column titles but lists no regions.<br /> <br /> All the regions did show in the Robust.exe console as they registered coming online though, and "show regions" in the OpenSim.exe consoles works fine.<br /> <br /> show region name <Regionname> also works fine in Robust.exe console.
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