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0007500: console alert command no longer works

Wed, 2015-03-18 06:45
using the command to send an alert from the console to the region is broken<br /> <br /> Region (Lbsa Plaza) # alert this is an alert<br /> Invalid command<br /> <br /> alert by it self should also show usage text..<br /> <br /> Region (Lbsa Plaza) # alert<br /> Invalid command
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0006835: Incorrect movement direction when camera is tilted in 3rd person view

Tue, 2015-03-17 19:16
When clicking the avatar to look around in 3rd person, you cannot walk properly while the view is tilted.
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0007502: Enabling BasicHttpAuthentication causes errors from the Bakes service.

Mon, 2015-03-16 23:54
After configuring BasicHttpAuthentication, I see an error (example shown in "Additional Information") four times, per login (my public and private ports are 8012 and 8103, respectively).<br /> <br /> This is happening for all avatars - both local grid residents and hypergrid vistors, so I'm seeing a ton of spew.
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0007501: BasicHttpAuthentication credentials exposed on console and in log.

Mon, 2015-03-16 23:52
As each service and simulator connects, the username and password are printed in clear text on the Robust and simulator consoles as well as in their log files. This information shouldn't be exposed.
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0003963: blank variable not preserved on re-rez/restart

Mon, 2015-03-16 19:55
If a script variable is set to " ", its value will not be preserved if the object is taken to inventory then re-rezzed, or if the region in which the object is rezzed restarts, in which cases the value will be an empty string, "". This will cause scripts which use " " for unused menu buttons to fail.
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0007503: Estate ban request raise exception - banned user data not written to database

Mon, 2015-03-16 11:45
Trying to ban Vladimir Putin (!) after discovering he was on a copybot mission, using the Estate ban function in both Singularity and Kokua, raised to the exception as seen in the log below. The banned avatar was not added to the database.<br /> <br /> 2015-03-16 12:07:45,278 DEBUG - OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.Framework.UserManagement.UserManagementModule [USER MANAGEMENT MODULE]: HandleAvatarPickerRequest for vladimir<br /> 2015-03-16 12:07:48,243 WARN - OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLClientView [LLCLIENTVIEW]: EstateOwnerMessage: Unknown method kickestate requested for Gavin Hird in andwest<br /> 2015-03-16 12:07:48,244 DEBUG - OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLClientView [LLCLIENTVIEW]: Param 0=92dc8763-8111-4628-aabb-5da5a4b79d71<br /> 2015-03-16 12:08:02,301 DEBUG - OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.Framework.UserManagement.UserManagementModule [USER MANAGEMENT MODULE]: HandleAvatarPickerRequest for vladimir<br /> 2015-03-16 12:08:09,098 ERROR - OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLClientView [LLCLIENTVIEW]: Caught exception while processing OpenMetaverse.Packets.EstateOwnerMessagePacket for Gavin Hird, Can't cast OpenMetaverse.UUID into any valid DbType. at Npgsql.NpgsqlParameter.set_Value (System.Object value) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at Npgsql.NpgsqlParameter..ctor (System.String parameterName, System.Object value) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) Npgsql.NpgsqlParameter:.ctor (string,object)<br /> at Npgsql.NpgsqlParameterCollection.AddWithValue (System.String parameterName, System.Object value) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) Npgsql.NpgsqlParameterCollection:AddWithValue (string,object)<br /> at OpenSim.Data.PGSQL.PGSQLEstateStore.GetEstatesByOwner (UUID ownerID) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at OpenSim.Services.Connectors.EstateDataService.GetEstatesByOwner (UUID ownerID) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.World.Estate.EstateManagementModule.handleEstateAccessDeltaRequest (IClientAPI remote_client, UUID invoice, Int32 estateAccessType, UUID user) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLClientView.HandleEstateOwnerMessage (IClientAPI sender, OpenMetaverse.Packets.Packet Pack) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.LLClientView.ProcessSpecificPacketAsync (System.Object state) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
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0007323: V2 Groups restriction on group membership

Sun, 2015-03-15 01:32
I brought this up at last Tuesday's dev meeting but thought I should document it here as well. When OSG first went down I decided to set up a "quick and easy" HG standalone as a short terms solution so I downloaded the Diva OpenSim 0.8.0 post-fixes version (dated 8/10/2014) and created a new schema in MySQL for it. When it became apparent that OSG would be down for a more extended time, I downloaded and built the latest git to a new folder, set it to use the database I'd created and used with the Diva install, and deleted the Diva install folder from my system. When I do git builds for OSG I add the profiles and search add-ons prior to building, but for the standalone HG I did not -- so it's built directly using the exact current git master.<br /> <br /> While still using the Diva install I created a single group for my "grid", and then during HG travels my avi was invited to join several other groups. As soon as I did that, upon returning home I received notices that I was at my allowed number of groups and would have to leave on in order to join one of the others I had been invited to.<br /> <br /> I wasn't particularly concerned about this, thinking it was a hold-over from the past when Diva kindly included a limited version of groups with that restriction. However, I expected after updating to V2 groups with current git master that this restriction would be removed but I am still experiencing the same issue if someone invites me to join a HG group.<br /> <br /> I have tested and was able to create additional groups in my own standalone so it appears that the group limit issue is only being triggered when you are invited to join a group on another grid.
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0007499: Odd casting of floats with comma separator

Sat, 2015-03-14 17:02
While the use of the comma as decimal separator isn't officially supported, there are more than a few Europeans who seem to use it. In writing a "fixer" script to detect and convert these I encountered an odd casting behaviour<br /> <br /> default<br /> {<br /> state_entry()<br /> {<br /> string sDelim="2,0";<br /> llSay(0,"Casting 2,0 to float directly from string: "+(string)((float)sDelim));<br /> list lDelim=[sDelim];<br /> llSay(0, "Casting 2,0 to float from list using llList2Float: "+(string)llList2Float(lDelim,0));<br /> }<br /> }<br /> <br /> [05:19] Primitive: Casting 2,0 to float directly from string: 2.000000<br /> [05:19] Primitive: Casting 2,0 to float from list using llList2Float: 20.000000<br /> <br /> I would expect to see either 0.0000000 for failing to case, or 2.0000000 if it succesfully casts, but I'm a bit mystified by the 20.00000000 result of llList2Float
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0006600: as of r/22462 some major issue occuring when editing any wearable item - changes not saved

Sat, 2015-03-14 12:36
As of r/22462 (Melanie's change to exports) any time I attempt to edit clothing (change texture or colour) the first 1-3 attempts to update it will fail. If I continually make the same changes eventually they will "catch" and be remembered.<br /> <br /> This problem exists using all viewers and occurs even when I create a new clothing item and attempt to change it from the default blank texture and <1,1,1> colour.<br /> <br /> Melanie's note says "not for production" and "requires update to database" so that's most likely the culprit but I don't know how to build a version that excludes her change but includes everything else, so this could easily be just a case of "known issue + user error"
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0007431: When saving IAR get many errors saying [SCENE OBJECT GROUP]: SavedScriptState element had no UUID

Sat, 2015-03-14 00:08
On a running OpenSim.exe that has no activity and no logged in avatars... I do<br /> <br /> save iar Avatar Name / password savefile.oar<br /> <br /> I get a normal start of the save iar as<br /> <br /> <br /> 15:39:52 - [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Saving archive 2015-01-29-AiLand-Ai-Austin-2.ia<br /> r using inventory path / for Ai Austin<br /> 15:39:52 - [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Adding control file to archive.<br /> 15:39:52 - [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Creating version 0.3 IAR<br /> 15:39:52 - [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Found folder My Inventory 30d46cb6-6b54-4af3-a6<br /> 49-f9ba4feb52f3 at /<br /> <br /> Then I get hundreds of thousands of yellow warnings (OpenSim.log went from less than 1MB to 40MB after only a minute or so) apparently unending.. errors all with same text. I cannot regain control and have to kill the OpenSim.exe process...<br /> <br /> 15:28:00 - [SCENE OBJECT GROUP]: SavedScriptState element had no UUID in object Black Suede Blazer Suit<br /> 15:28:00 - [SCENE OBJECT GROUP]: SavedScriptState element had no UUID in object Black Suede Blazer Suit<br /> 15:28:00 - [SCENE OBJECT GROUP]: SavedScriptState element had no UUID in object Black Suede Blazer Suit<br /> 15:28:00 - [SCENE OBJECT GROUP]: SavedScriptState element had no UUID in object Black Suede Blazer Suit
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0007478: After create region, regions remains offline until server restart

Fri, 2015-03-13 23:56
After create region, regions remains offline/logins disabled until server restart.
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0007439: Delivery of scripted objects between grids results in missing or non-functional scripts at destination

Fri, 2015-03-13 22:26
Recently we started seeing problems when taking items from foreign grids and returning. We were also informed that a few people have taken items from Refuge grid that failed when they returned to their home grid.<br /> <br /> I did some testing with an alternate test grid and found the problem is most prevalent in boxed items. Once unpacked the resulting object has no scripts. However I was able to take a copy of the same scripted item and upon returning it worked.<br /> <br /> Speaking with some foreign visitors it appears that this issue goes back to at least the end of January.
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0007436: Physics of mesh objects are either non walkable, phantom or unpassable

Thu, 2015-03-12 18:23
When mesh objects are uploaded and physics are applied for things such as doorways, floors, etc. 95% of the time, a portion of the model ends up being phantom (fall through floor or walk through walls), openings for doors and archways appear open, but are blocked and are not passable, and stairs end up being unwalkable or you pass right through them. Version 7 of the OpenSim code did not have this problem, it all started with v8.
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0007498: Scripts confused

Thu, 2015-03-12 17:33
Multiple identical scripts running sometimes get mixed up?<br /> <br /> I have a (for fun) casino just for me and my wife, Every time I make a new machine I run about 30 of them for hours on end but getting a problem with scripts.
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0007496: Setting any of STATUS_ROTATE_X/STATUS_ROTATE_Y/STATUS_ROTATE_Z to FALSE critically damps further object motion

Thu, 2015-03-12 03:23
As described in the summary. Motion is critically damped as well as rotation.
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0007442: Ionic.Zlib.CompressionLevel

Thu, 2015-03-12 00:18
It seems when compiling Opensim on Windows 7/8 it keeps asking about CompressionLevel being defined in both System and Ionic.Zlib<br /> <br /> Attached patch will clarify that it should use the one from Ionic.Zlib
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0007443: SmartThreadPool not getting a version numbering

Thu, 2015-03-12 00:17
Attached patch will make sure that SmartThreadPool when compiled get the correct version numbering.
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0007490: [PATCH] "help restart" message corrected

Wed, 2015-03-11 23:46
The "restart" console command restarts the currently selected region or all regions in this instance if root is selected. Changed the message accordingly from "Restart all sims in this instance" to "Restart the currently selected region(s) in this instance".
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0007489: Setting login text in ROBUST to "" (blank) results in casting error

Wed, 2015-03-11 22:55
Setting the login text in ROBUST to "" results in the casting error message as shown below.<br /> <br /> R.O.B.U.S.T.# login text "" <br /> 09:31:34 - Command error: System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.<br /> at OpenSim.Framework.Console.Commands.ResolveCommand (System.String[] cmd, System.String[]& result) [0x00000]: in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at OpenSim.Framework.Console.Commands.Resolve (System.String[] cmd) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at OpenSim.Framework.Console.LocalConsole.ReadLine (System.String p, Boolean isCommand, Boolean e) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at OpenSim.Framework.Console.CommandConsole.Prompt () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 <br /> at OpenSim.Server.Base.ServicesServerBase.Run () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
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0007482: llSetMemoryLimit has to report TRUE for Mono based scripts

Wed, 2015-03-11 22:49
The definition in SL wiki states that llSetMemoryLimit reports TRUE for Mono based scripts.
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