Meta7: The Shocking Truth Behind its Online Grid/Game/World w/e you want to call it!

i spent a year inside meta7 to bring you what"s Online Grid has been Hiding for years! FYI.. meta7 us to be named Pais Kidds bc it started off as a online grid that pays real and fake kids for online sex" the game needs to ether be changed or stopped"! why? Fact 1: It allows age play! Fact 2: it allows child porn of "all known kinds" Fact 3: it allows pedophiles of all kinds to play its game! Fact 4: it dose not make people get age-verified to see if they even adults! Fact 5: any real life kid can walk into it off the streets and have Online sex with Pedophiles! "Even the Meta7 staff and owner age plays and as animated child porn in her own meta7 bedroom"!~ Meta7's Grid is ran off Secondlife's Opensim web server so.. please if you find the report Grid in Opensim report it at